When it comes to web design, it’s better to create something eye-catching than something simple. People are more likely to want to see more on a page with a beautiful design. The design element of your page is important to turning site visits into conversions. Here are some design elements to help you create a web page that keeps them coming back.

1. Visual Elements

Visual elements are important to the design of your site. Your customers like videos and graphics. They also help break up big blocks of white space that don’t tell the consumer anything other than they have to take time to read the whole block if they want to learn more. Visuals are attractive and they provide summaries.

However, don’t overfill your page with graphics and videos. This will slow down the load time of the page and it can feel disorganized. It’s important to have an attractive balance of graphics and text.

2. Load Time

Your page needs to load quickly. Nobody wants to hang around and wait for a web site to load when they could easily find another page that loads fast. Be sure to check your page seed on a site like Google PageSpeed Insights. You’ll learn where you can make improvements for a faster loading page.

3. Navigation

An easy to use navigation system is important to your overall web design. A friendly page allows the user to quickly find the information they need. If your visitor doesn’t know where to find the information they need, they’ll find another company that provides it.

Keep your navigation simple. Also, make it accessible from different points of the page. If your site is expansive, use headings and subtopics.

4. Copy

The reason your customers come to your page is to obtain information. For this reason, good copy is vital. Good copy is easy to read, it’s informative, and it’s free of errors. If information is misspelled or grammatically incorrect, it reflects poorly on your company, as the visitor will determine your page isn’t supplied by professionals.

5. CTA

People respond to a call-to-action, so be sure to provide plenty of CTA buttons on your site. It plants the idea that there is more to learn and further steps to be taken. Make the CTA button attractive and bright so it stands out against the rest of the page.

A good web design doesn’t require expert knowledge. However, it does require a few elements.