Today, more and more businesses are discovering the enormous power and influencing potential of well-crafted, effective content marketing. The right content can not only benefit your company’s SEO efforts and help give you a boost in search engine rankings, thereby improving your odds of getting noticed by a wider range of consumers, but can also help establish you as an authoritative, trustworthy voice in your industry and strengthen your overall brand image. Given the many advantages, investing in your content is more than worth it. However, writing new content all the time can quickly become a pricey and time-intensive venture, and if you don’t have dedicated staff or an outsourcing plan in place, you may be looking for a simpler solution. Thankfully, you can get creative by repurposing the content you already have to maximize your marketing time and budget.

1. Consider Audio and Video Content, Too

There’s a lot of focus on written content these days, but don’t neglect audio and video content, either. Some studies have even suggested that video content may be poised to take off over the next few years, making this a ripe opportunity for promotion. You can take some of the information from a blog post, for example, and convert it into an attractive, easy-to-watch video to get more clicks.

2. Run Incentives or Polls Whenever You Can

You can cleverly link back to your own content, or reference it, by running promotional content marketing incentives or posting polls for followers to vote on via your social media. This not only gives your brand more exposure, but increases your engagement as well.

3. Advertise Blog Post Snippets on Social Media Channels

If your company doesn’t already have a strong presence on numerous social media channels, now is the time to start opening up accounts. Many young users in particular find new brands to try through social media, so posting regularly can have a significant impact on your bottom line over time. One way you can reuse your current content here is to post snippets or links to company blog posts on your social media account. This is a straightforward way to draw new eyeballs and clicks to your website.

In the Internet era where many consumers are finding new businesses to patronize online, having a well-thought-out content marketing strategy can make or break the effectiveness of your company marketing efforts. Consider using these creative tips to repurpose what you already have and improve your rankings with minimal additional effort.