Analytics can have a big impact on the direction your small business takes. Of course, successfully analyzing data sets begins with knowing which factors are the most important to focus on. Having an in-depth understanding of which metrics to track can help your small business make the most out of analytics and start seeing improved results from various web initiatives. Take a moment to review these different approaches and develop a strategy that will allow you to make the most out of the data you pull from your web assets.

Website Traffic

How many visitors a website sees has long been a top priority of business owners. The more people stop by your site, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to convert a casual browser into a customer. When you’re tracking the data related to your website, it can be useful to focus primarily on organic traffic. Analyze the information you receive to paint a better picture of how people are finding your site. Knowing the point of origin for a visitor helps you better strategize where to focus your marketing efforts online.

Bounce Rate

No matter how fantastic the landing pages of your website may look and perform, you’re going to still see customers click away and close out of your site. The bounce rate of your website may be frustrating, but it is a data set you should always factor into your analysis. Using bounce rate as one of your key metrics can highlight the main reasons that visitors are bouncing away from your site. If the fault lies in design or development, you can easily solve these problems and see if the adjustments make a difference.

Load Times

Another big factor to pay attention to when it comes to the functionality of your website is the load time of each page. Patience is a virtue that most modern consumers lack. The longer it takes for your site to load, the more likely it is that the potential customer will slip through your fingers and leave your site behind. When analyzing web data, be sure to take website load times into consideration. Making improvements to this side of things can have a positive impact on your website engagement overall.

Using the right metrics to your advantage is key to maintaining a website that is both relevant and functional. Figure out how to best use data analysis to your advantage and see how it improves the way you go about promoting your business on the internet.